Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What I did tonight

These are the only 2 of the disney faeries missing from munch's room I had colour them but didn't like them so I redid them n im quite impressed by them :-)  its taken 4hrs because munch has woken 4 times in 4 n a half hours... I still have a few bits to colour n laminate before thursday... Hoping to go to marwell zoo with nanny n munch on thursday.

I'm having a day in tomorrow! To help munch recoop from being away and decorate the cakes,i baked on sunday evening, do some more craft, and chill out.

MY RANT (kinda)
I took munch to my friends to play but we werent there as long as we normally are munch was tired and started bein aggressive, we are usually there a few hours but only an hour plus my mate had another person turn up who I found rude, I tried to join in conversation a few times for her to ignore my comment or cut me off... There was no need n found i felt awkward and out of place in my best mates house due to a new comer who felt she was more important n needed to be.heard more than listen... After her son encouraging my mates daughter to run around so munch cudnt keep up n I had to keep telling her off or consoling her when she'd get ignored,  I felt enough was enough n home we came, munch cried but more through tiredness than anything else so when we were home she was fine n felt better... I think i'll stick with positive ppl and ignore the fact one negative person thought.my opinion was insignificant... My mate apologised but it was not her fault nor her place. Im sure karma will out and everything has its time place and order...

My lifes journey hss taught me good things come to those who wait and also karma is like an elastic band it will on stretch so far before it twangs back n smack u in the face...

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