Wednesday 31 October 2012

Yoyos n tempates

Trials on using them

Most recent completion

I made munchy a gillete/bodywarmer n a handmuff which she adores muff pics to follow

Fat quarter bundles

Found 3 nice fabrics n 1 unusual 1 one that it funky

Fabric shopping pt2

We also needed fabric for her 12yr old daughter coz she wanted something different as a messenger bag...

Fabric shopping pt1

Took my best mate to fabric shop to chose the fabric for her xmas present... She chose these...

Making cards through an krazy cards workshop

Been doing bits n bobs but not posting OPPS!

Ok so im done a few makes recently and not been updating my blog..  im full of cold n have headache so it may be that i do it in dribs n drabs

In reminants basket at fabric shop it was 60p each so i brought the 2 pieces... Using old pillows i stuffed them up n as a first attempt i thought they looked fab... So did munchy! She loves them so much she uses them in her imagination games as well as to sleep with :-)