Wednesday 4 April 2012

ok so who am i? My name is Debz and im 32 in June, i live with my 3 yr old daughter who is my world, Munch is a Card maker in the making and is doing really well although a little over zealous with the stickers ;)
my mothers day card from her last year aged 2 n 3/4

:) She loves card making too so i have done well hehehe

ok well Munchy and I live in a 2 bed flat near stonehenge and have been here nearly 4yrs I am an all rounder in crafts and although i like making cards i LOVE making Toppers more only coz i Love colouring stamped images... i also do other papercrafts like origami, plus i have TRIED scrapbooking but i cant seem to get as good results as other people so i kind of put it to the side
for now... i also crochet when i get motivated, i am using my talents currently to decorate Munch's room, i'm making a fairy nook for her... lots of thinking going on as to where i am going to put the fairy's and what not... I shall post pictures when i have finished... i have so far decorated 90% of the flat to remove some negative energy n eradicate the traces of my ex from the flat...

Any hooo i must get on with the painting or it will not get done b4 munch gets home from her dads on sunday this is our longest time apart so i am struggling with the idea of no contact with her for 5 nights :( i have asked my ex to let her call me if she wants WHENEVER she wants so we shall see...


  1. aw, such a sweet card! well done Munch! Definitely a crafter in the making! Stonehenge? only a very big stones throw away from me!

  2. :) i noticed you're a new forest girl :D Love your work :D