Saturday 7 April 2012

this year's MAKES so far

SOOOO..... hehehe my favourite way to start my posts.
as i was soooo ing hehehe what do i do? WELL, i have numerous little hobbies: as well as being a full time mom to Munch i also Crochet -->

 i made Munch this blanket to cuddle up that also turns in to a cushion (PERFECT for travel)

Colour with my Promarkers

 tink and silvermist aren't my best so i binned them
but these came out PERFECT :)

 Munch and i are growing plants and MAKING a garden hehehe (for the faeries to live in):

 Bean (Munch brought it home from nursery)

<---seed packets

Lucky stars n boxes

 my faerie toadstool home coloured as requested by Munch for her room
plus her jumpy bug :)

plus making card toppers

  also i've recently tried my hand at making a dress for Munch it turned out AMAZING we love it and had compliments at my cousin's wedding... 

Munch and i LOVE baking cakes and G reaps the reward as he gets to munch the end results as does Nanny (my parents)

 Munch and i love to mess about with making things out of her bricks
 AND of coursse being silly and MAKING faces :-D :-D
i do like drawing and taking pictures and also playign with them on the computer and what not but i cant show EVERYTHING ;-)
i have lots of hobbies but then i love being creative and making things that make people smile...

i'm hoping to make paper mache masks with Munch soon so shud be fun!!!

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